Speaker: Anthony Barnett

Anthony Barnett

Anthony graduated from Baker University in 2000 and has completed the Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers distance education course.  Anthony has owned a business in Lawrence, KS since 2004 and is the founder of two non-profits that focus on the human canine bond in community outreach and in healing.  He was on the Lawrence Humane Society board from 2010-2015, serving as the Secretary, Vice-Chair and Co-Chair during his tenure.  Through his non profits, he regularly volunteers his time in areas relating to the human-canine bond including humane and safety education for local grade schools and at the Lawrence Police Summer Camp, returning to Baker to speak on human/animal ethics, volunteering every week with his therapy dogs at the Topeka VA Hospital in the PTSD, Acute Psych Recovery, and Substance Abuse wings, and as an embedded consultant with the Kansas City Missouri Police 1910 and 1920 SWAT teams in a new collaborative program to reduce dog shootings in high risk situations.  He lives outside Lawrence, KS where he resides with his wife and 6 dogs.