TEDxLawrence 2015

The organizers at TEDxLawrence felt there could only be one place to hold this first event.  We choose the great and historic Liberty Hall.  No other place can really capture the history and the spirit of the Lawrence Community.  After an original building on the site was burned to the ground, the owner rebuilt.  This new structure was a location for the dispursion and discussion of ideas.  

While the building has burned and been rebuilt, allowing a structure dedicated to entertainment and discussion dating back to the Pre-Civil-War era.  During the time of "Bleeding Kansas" it was a center for conversation and an essential hub in the anti-slavery movement.  The name Liberty Hall comes from an Abraham Lincoln quote in which he referred to Lawrence, Kansas "the cradle of Liberty." Changes in name, ownership, and building appearance continued to change, but the history and devotion to honoring ideas and entertainment continue.   For more information on the history of Liberty Hall: //www.libertyhall.net/about/history

The 2015 TEDxLawrence event will be devoted to reflecting this history reflected in the history of Lawrence, Kansas.  However, we look to the future and the innovative, collaborative, and dynamic feel that Lawrence now offers through partnerships with University of Kansas and it's devotion to the Arts.  We look for speakers and ideas that offer a new perspective and progression as the City makes its mark in this new century.  

If you know of anyone or if you have an "Idea worth sharing," we want to hear from you!

Please check back in for the Posting of the Agenda!